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How Much Bacteria Do You Encounter Daily?

Bacteria You Encounter Daily

bacteriaDo you ever wonder how much of it you come across each day? The amount may truly amaze you.  If you work in an office or use the bathroom you will encounter it no matter what you do. The only way to fight them is to simply wash your hands with plain soap and warm water.  Of course if you work in healthcare you may come across even more it!

It is best to use the plain old fashioned soap and water and NOT those antibacterial soaps. The FDA is not so sure these antibacterial soaps are safe for long term use anymore.  The FDA is concerned that long term use of these soaps may cause resistance to these chemicals and cause people not be able to fight the bacteria. The FDA just recently asked the makers of these antibacterial soaps to prove the effectiveness of them before they pull them off the market and your local store’s shelves.

The FDA is concerned about the Triclosan that is found in these types of soap. They are concerned that it is risky to use multiple times per day as many people do. This chemical in them may cause cancer and may NOT even fight off the bacteria after long term use. Other researchers have found it may be an anti-inflammatory. The FDA claims these soaps are not proven to work any better than soap and water and may cause harm. Much more research must be done on these types of soaps to come to any conclusions.


Bacteria and Hygiene 

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Do you use plain soap and water or antibacterial soaps when you wash your hands?
After reading this will you change which type of soap you use to wash your hands?


Don’t Get Sick From Your Thanksgiving

Don’t Get Sick From Your Thanksgiving This Year


Each year many families can come down with a bacterial infection from their Thanksgiving meal. Each year 48 million Americans get sick from a food borne illness sometime during the year. Don’t let that happen to you and your family this holiday season. Salmonella can be deadly. Check out the tips below to avoid getting sick from your turkey.

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Could The MERS Virus Have Started From A Camel?

MERS Virus from a Camel Connection

The deadly MERS virus that started back in 2012 has killed 64 people and sickened over a hundred people. A man from Saudi Arabia got sick from the MERS Virus and his camel was found with the virus too. The health minister there called the discovery significant. This could be the missing link for finding the source and possibly a cure for this virus.

MERS Virus

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Would You Know If You Had Vibrio Vulnificus?

Vibrio Vulnificus – Would You Know If You Had It?

If you love walking in the oceanwater on a warm day or evening you may want to read on. Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that lives in warm seawater. An infection from V. vulnificus is a rare cause of disease. It also has been underreported over the years. It was little known until 2007. But just recently 31 in Florida has been infected from this disease. 9 people died in 2012 from vibrio vulnificus and 13 died from it in 2011.

Vibrio vulnificus

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