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Food Additives and H7N9 Flu – Could There Be A Connection?

Food Additives May Aid in the Prevention of H7N9

Imagine eating food with additives that could aid in the prevention of catching the H7N9 deadly flu? Who would have thought about this as more people today who are concerned about their health are eating organic foods?

food additives and H7N9

Researchers from the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago have recently found a common food additive that can actually block the strain of of the H7N9 virus from infecting one’s healthy cells.  The full report can be read at Plos One.  The compound use is a common preservative found in foods.

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Would You Know If You Had Vibrio Vulnificus?

Vibrio Vulnificus – Would You Know If You Had It?

If you love walking in the oceanwater on a warm day or evening you may want to read on. Vibrio vulnificus is a bacterium that lives in warm seawater. An infection from V. vulnificus is a rare cause of disease. It also has been underreported over the years. It was little known until 2007. But just recently 31 in Florida has been infected from this disease. 9 people died in 2012 from vibrio vulnificus and 13 died from it in 2011.

Vibrio vulnificus

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No Monitoring Infectious Diseases During Government Shutdown

No Monitoring Infectious Diseases While US Government is Shut Down

The government shutdown in the United States has stopped the tracking by the CDC of infectious diseases like the flu, measles, food borne illnesses, etc. Most of the Centers for Disease Control has been closed down by the government shutdown this past week. Very few emergency operations will be continued at the Centers for Disease Control.

Monitoring infectious diseases

Monitoring Infectious Diseases

  • You may have remembered the CDC is the group that tracked the swine flu in the United States back in 2011. What will happen if a new outbreak of swine flu begins during this government shutdown?
  • Even antibiotic usage in hospitals has been tracked by the CDC, will this stop as well? We know how the overuse of antibiotics can spur more infections. We sure hope this doesn’t happen with no monitoring infectious diseases during this period of government chaos.
  • Food borne illnesses – Another part of the CDC monitoring is diseases caused by food .  And the FDA is shut down as well, though there is some monitoring still going on for high risk foods and drugs.
  • Swine Flu and MERS will have very little tracking via the CDC during this shutdown.  Will WHO be able to pick up the slack on the monitoring of these infectious diseases here in the United States?

How long do you think the government shutdown will last? 

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MERS Alert From CDC Putting Doctors In United States on Alert

MERS Alert

The MERS infection has spread more since our last post on this new coronavirus back in June. The total death count is now at 64 worldwide. The latest deaths range in ages from 3 to 75. This high death count is causing alarms for all to be aware of this new deadly infection. It is officially called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.

Mers alert
The CDC and WHO had issued travel alerts to the Arabian Peninsula where most of the MERS cases have been found. They are not prohibiting travel to the Middle East but urge proper hand washing. There have been cases in France, Italy and the UK. (those numbers are low) Continue reading