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High tech scrubs website is about how the latest technology of medical uniforms can save lives of healthcare workers, their patients and their families from infectious disease. There are always new infectious diseases emerging.  We are keeping healthcare workers and readers alike aware of these infectious diseases as they emerge. Knowledge is power.

Our new high tech scrubs contain a flourine silicon dispersion that makes garments naturally self-cleaning and fluids literally bead up and fall off the garment. Imagine, fluids like coffee and soda just bead off your scrubs or lab coat!  Image too blood and bodily fluids just beading up and falling off your scrubs and lab coats.  

Vestex protects with style

These high tech scrubs contain an antimicrobial to prevent degradation of the fabric from micro organisms and to control odors caused by bacteria. 

high tech scrubs

A recent Virginia Commonwealth University study document show our fluid repelling medical scrubs may play a role in decreasing the risk of MRSA transmission to patients. By reducing the number of organisms retained on the garment there is a decrease in the exposure time required for the antimicrobial to take action.  According to the research, the fluid barrier / antimicrobial scrubs had “a statistically significant 4-7 log, (greater than a 99.99%), decrease in the overall mean log CFU MRSA count (amount of MRSA on the scrubs) compared to normal scrubs.

They come in 5 colors, short and long  lab coats and long sleeve t-shirts for under your scrubs.  You may purchase these high tech scrubs  at our website FancyScrubs.com today!  Soon these high tech scrubs will be available in more colors. 

We are a husband and wife team from Rhode Island and have been in business for over 2 years.

These are our best medical scrubs that offer you protection. These high performance medical  scrubs keep you clean, cool and dry throughout the longest shifts that you work. 

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